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Kaigle Law - The Premier DUI Law Firm Orlando

  • August 13,2018
  • by kaiglelaw

Kaigle Law - The Premier DUI Law Firm Orlando

DUI Law Firm OrlandoIt was a wedding or a business party and you had a drink, but couldn’t stay. You hurried to your car to get home to your family and when you pulled on to the road. You drove a little above the speed limit; that is when you saw the red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. You pulled over, your heart racing and head swimming from anxiety. Even though you were not intoxicated the alcohol on your breath was apparent to the law enforcement officer who stopped you, and your nervousness made him think you were far more intoxicated. You were put through a sobriety test which you passed, but your breathalyzer test showed you were just over the legal limit. This is a scary time but rest assured Kaigle Law - The Premier DUI Law Firm Orlando, Florida has your back. 

After years of safe driving, and never driving drunk, you found yourself being charged with driving under the influence. You thought about what your friends and family would think, how would they react. You thought about telling your boss about losing your license, and the possibility of losing your job became very real.  Suddenly the word “jail” entered your mind and your world began to come apart. You know you were not drunk, so where could you turn? If you live in the greater Orlando area the Kaigle Law Firm - DUI Law Firm Orlando is on your side.  There is hope, circumstances may not be as bleak as they seem.

Kaigle Law - The Premier DUI Law Firm Orlando, Florida

We are the best DUI attorney in Orlando and we have what it takes to get your DUI dismissed or reduced. We have an excellent record of DUI not-guilty verdicts, and we will put that experience to work for you. Just as in any case that goes to court, the facts are what matters. If you have never been pulled over for a DUI and have a spotless driving record, those facts matter. It can mean the difference between having your case dismissed and losing your license, plus a hefty fine of over $500 dollars levied.  In some cases, jail time may be the outcome of your DUI conviction.  It is essential that you use Kaigle Law Firm to defend you because our attorneys have the acumen to realize when an arresting officer may have violated your rights, resulting in an unlawful arrest, and will greatly swing the case in your favor. The arresting officer had to have probable cause to pull you over, leaving a hotel or restaurant parking lot is not enough in itself to pull someone over.  A lesser law firm may be quick to plead guilty in cases where their client may have been absolved of all charges. Do not make the mistake of hiring the wrong law firm to handle your case. Hire the preeminent Orlando law firm, who will stand up for your rights.  Kaigle Law - DUI Law Firm Orlando is willing to fight for you no matter how dire the circumstances may seem. Our experienced and skilled lawyers have successfully handled DUI cases resulting in the best possible outcome for our clients. Some DUI cases can be very complex and confusing to everyone.  Our philosophy is to look at the merits and potential pitfalls of each individual case, not to treat our clients with a one size fits all approach. We will partner with you to extract all the facts of the case from your memory, and the police incident report. The Kaigle Law Firm - DUI Law Firm Orlando - won’t stop until we have done everything we can for you.  We are the premier Orlando DUI Law Firm, let us help you!

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By kaiglelaw
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Kaigle Law

The Kaigle Law Firm is an Orlando based full-service Criminal Defense law firm that provides aggressive and effective criminal defense throughout Central Florida. Unlike other firms, we don’t use fancy marketing strategies as a replacement for quality and aggressive legal representation. Top DUI Lawyer Orlando!

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