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UCF DUI Lawyer - Criminal Defense Attorney

  • September 07,2018
  • by kaiglelaw

UCF DUI Lawyer - Criminal Defense Attorney

Kaigle Law Firm - Top UCF DUI Lawyer - Criminal Defense Attorney

The Kaigle Law Firm understands college is a fun time, but sometimes those fun times can turn into legal troubles. UCF is now the 2nd largest populated school in the USA. That many students you will have a lot of criminal mischief going on. If you are a student of UCF and recently been charged with a crime or DUI, don't hesitate to contact Kaigle Law to go over your options. Kaigle Law firm will aggressively represent you and help you in this stressful time. The cops and state attorney are not on your side. Do not give them information willingly. Always have a lawyer present to guide you through the legal process. Anything you say can be held against you. 


Did you know that if a cop suspects you of DUI and makes you take a breathalyzer test, and you pass - you are still going to jail. Messed up right. It just means you will most likely win your case in court. There are plenty of screwed up things with the system. That is why you need attorney Chris Kaigle and the Kaigle Law Firm. Kaigle Law understands college and the scene. Chris graduated from UF one of the top party schools in the country. Chris Kaigle worked for the State attorney office. He knows the ins and outs of the State case and how to fight for you. 

The UCF Football games are all about tailgating and drinking beer before the game. There are tons of cops after the game. The fact is they could probably give thousands of DUIs out after each football game with one roadblock. However, they do not, and they let fans leave in peace. Still, some will get a DUI from Orlando police, Orange County or even Campus Police. 

Did you get a DUI at UCF? Call Kaigle Law Firm Today!

By kaiglelaw
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