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Responding to a Fake Review by the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando

  • May 30,2020
  • by kaiglelaw

Responding to a Fake Review by the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando

Once in awhile, reviews come around by either competitor anonymously or people who are not actual clients of the firm. Let's concentrate on one criticism of the firm and showcase exactly what is wrong with the review and how perfectly Kaigle Law responds to it. At first, the anonymous report says it's a "bait and switch," and let's just dissect that at its core. Does this review think that if they called Morgan and Morgan, they would sit down with John Morgan? That's laughable because Morgan and Morgan is an 800# and doesn't even take your call unless you can make money for the firm. Also, if you get passed the first call center, you won't ever actually meet John Morgan; you will meet an associate attorney who is probably trying to do whatever to move up and make a partner in the firm hopefully.

When this customer calls out Kaigle Law, it's laughable because Chris Kaigle is by far one of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orlando, Florida, and meets with most clients face to face. He only has a couple of associate attorneys that help him through the workload, and, of course, that is acceptable in any law firm practice. This horrible person is saying bait and switch are ridiculous. Chris Kaigle would be happy to meet with any client if that is what it takes. This just goes to show this is a competitor jealous of the firm or something else. The response by Kaigle law firm is probably the best thing you will ever see on the internet today. They checked records; you are not a client, and you probably don't want representation. Kaigle law is above and beyond in Orlando, Florida, probably the best Criminal Defense Attorneys they put the clients first and fight vigorously for their innocence.

There is no better attorney in Orlando, Florida when you want to win a case against the State Attorney. Check all the other reviews you will quickly see that this is misleading and probably someone jealous of the firm. Contact Kaigle Law Firm today when you are ready for the best in Orlando for Criminal Defense.  

By kaiglelaw
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