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How Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Kaigle Saved My Life for $500 from Orlando Police Resisting Arrest Charges

  • June 15,2020
  • by kaiglelaw

How Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Kaigle Saved My Life for $500 from Orlando Police Resisting Arrest Charges

It was the night of my birthday, and the last thing I was thinking is I would need a Criminal Defense Attorney the next day. So, I was out having some fun near the Airport minding my own business and was eventually have a friend meet up with me. I was at the TGI Fridays right there on 436 right before you get to the Airport. The place was decently packed, and I was at the bar having a few beers. I received a phone call and stepped outside to take it, but for some reason, the bartender must have thought I was leaving the tab. She called the Orlando Police Department and reported it or something. The officers arrive, and I'm standing in front of the TGI Fridays and minding my own business, and I do what any American would do if they see police walking at them you turn around and walk the other way. The officers then ran me down and asked if I was trying to leave without paying. I said, of course not, and then said well, why did you turn and walk away when you saw us coming. To me, that's just a natural reflex I don't know anyone who doesn't get a little scared when a cop pulls up behind them in a vehicle and doesn't try to switch lanes or get out of the way. Long story short, the officers arrested me for resisting arrest without violence. I couldn't believe I was going to go jail from just turning away from these cops outside. 

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Saved My Life
TGI Fridays Airport Location of Arrrest


Criminal Defense Attorney Saved My Life (Jail)

Once I was arrested, I was driven to Orange County Jail and booked. They set bail, and I made the phone call to my Mother to bail me out and telling her the story. Jail is a scary time in anyone's life. You don't know the legal system of how long you will be locked up and what will happens next. My Mother finally posted the bail, and then you go through this entire lengthy process of waiting to be released. After what seemed like a week, I finally got to see the light of day again. 

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Saved My Life
Orange County 33rd Street Jail


On returning home, you are freaking out and scouring the internet for Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, Florida. You also get a ton of regular mail flyers from lawyers who automatically send you stuff about how they can help you out. I didn't have a lot of money and knew this was a bogus charge, but who knows with the State Attorney and how this is going to play out. That is when you start freaking out about being found guilty, and will you go to jail? How will I pay for stuff? This is when I was going through literally panic attacks and wanted out of this mess. 

Luckily I chose the Kaigle Law Firm and spoke directly with Chris Kaigle. Chris Kaigle has experience working in the State Attorney office and puts my mind at ease. He said he would file a motion for discovery on what the state has, and we will go from there. He needed $500 retainer to do that, and if additional costs required to be paid, he would let me know. So, a few days passed, and I'm still stressed out about this ordeal, and I finally get a call from Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Kaigle, and he said four magic words, "The Charges are Dropped," and I said that's it? Yep. That's all she wrote. I didn't have to go back to the court, absolutely nothing. The amount of stress that leaves your body is fantastic. Choosing the right attorney is hard when you have so many options in Orlando, Florida, but I would highly recommend Chris Kaigle and the Kaigle Law Firm. Read the reviews and see for yourself!

By kaiglelaw
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