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Finding an AA Meeting After A DUI Charge in Orlando Florida

  • August 08,2018
  • by kaiglelawfirm

Finding an AA Meeting After A DUI Charge in Orlando Florida

If you have been charged with a DUI and court-ordered to attend to the DUI School chances are you will also be required to attend at least one AA meeting. The teachers usually will not give out a certificate in the DUI School until you turn in a report about the support group. Even if you are not charged with DUI and looking for AA meetings in Central Florida, the website is located at:

This is a very interactive website that allows you to see daily meetings all over Central Florida. They did a really good job on the website. If you are facing DUI charges in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida, I encourage you to call the Kaigle Law Firm. We have successfully fought DUI Charges and won. A lot of times if this is your first DUI charge we can work it down to a reckless driving. This is a huge win if you are looking to drive again and not go through hardship licenses and huge insurance spikes. Give us a call today.

By kaiglelawfirm
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